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fr. solanus Casey





Father Solanus Casey

Fr. Solanus Casey was a humble Capuchin Friar who was credited

with miraculous cures and valued for his wise and compassionate counsel.

He spent his life in the service of people. Because of his holiness, Pope John

Paul II declared him Venerable in 1995. Pope Francis has announced that

 Fr. Solanus will be Beatified, November 18, 4p, at Ford Field, Detroit.

People in Detroit already think of him as “Detroit’s Saint.”


What is Beatification?

Fr. Solanus received the title of Venerable from Pope John Paul II in 1995. Devotees were then suggested to pray to Fr. Solanus, asking for his intercession to God. The Capuchins have documented hundreds of  exceptional favors received which might be acclaimed as miraculous.  One such exceptional favor was investigated and accepted by the church as being miraculous, through the intercession of Venerable Solanus.  With this declaration, he is acknowledged as one who is in heaven, in union with God, and is given the title of “Blessed.”  There will be official Mass prayers and liturgical devotions allowed to him  – asking for his continued intercession with God for the needs of God’s people. The next step is to attain the title of Saint. Another healing has to be investigated and approved in the same manner as above to attain Sainthood.

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